@2019 Civic Solution Initiatives (CSi) Works

Workforce Development

CSi-Works brings its educational process to the workforce development community and aids in developing the strategic plans, resources and support that builds programs and provides high quality customer service.  The program performance in our models exceeds requirements which leads to a stable and sustainable future through verifiable documentation.  Through localized research and development, CSi-Works brings options to each partner that build on core competencies and lead to improved service models with better Return on Investment.   CSi-Works is providing staff development workshops under it’s CWA contract for WIOA Case Management and Program Performance. From attracting those in need to securing additional funding, we look at both a client centered approach to removing barriers and becoming a valuable community resource.  We support many  Strong Workforce Initiatives and have access to data driven decision making by using cutting edge student/client communication and follow-up program technology.


Our program is built on the idea that your passion and insights are the key elements to better service.  Our professional team provides complimentary management expertise to grow your program.  CSi-Works Associates are subject matter experts from the Workforce Development System, National Training Providers, Government Relations, Strategic Partnerships, College Apprenticeship programs, and Non-Profit CBO’s.  CSi-Works is facilitating regional initiatives (P2Ei) and developing local and supporting the regional strategic plans modifications. From compliance to technology, from training staff to providing dashboards that allow the public to visualize the success of each program, we help improve your outcomes. One area we look at is the development of mutually beneficial collaborative program models based on strategic partnerships that lead to "Win-Win" operations.  We help design targeted, responsive, and compliant program models that meet (and exceed) all contracted benchmarks.

  • Operational Analysis

  • Performance Management

  • Staff Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Collaboration

  • Community Engagement

  • Special Projects R&D

  • Compliance and Oversight

  • Funding Utilization

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Case Management

  • Business Engagement

  • Data Collection and Validation

  • Management Development

  • Short-Term Operation Support

  • MIS Analysis

  • Financial Oversight and Planning

  • LMI Research and Analysis