CSi-Works provides professional staff development to front line and management staff that maximizes program performance and compliance.  We focus on helping all staff understand the significance of Soft Skills training, Documentation, Compliance (CalJOBS), and shared strategies for client engagement-retention and Performance Management.  Our SMEs review and explain Best Practices case management skills.


We also help agencies with building cohesive mutually beneficial collaborations and how to take advantage of LMI to aid in Data Driven Decisions.  We learn from stakeholders on what the wants and needs of each community are, and also the direction legislation and funding agencies are moving.  We look at The Future of Work Commission and how Apprenticeship training will help prepare our participants for career employment. 

CSi-Works has been developing Strategic Plans and Regionalization efforts while operationalizing targeted recruitment-training-placement programs for multi-barrier populations.

Join the Corps!  
Veterans Preservation Corps - Los Angeles

The Veterans Preservation Corps (VPC) program is an example of how CSi-Works helped Veterans and their Families develop an entire service program from concept to fund raising, to strategic partnerships and sustainability and expansion plans.   The VPC was developed to engage and empower Veterans through a work study program.  Veterans learn life skills, job readiness, and occupational skills while entering the Construction industry sector.

Regional Initiatives

CSi-Works is developing cooperative collaboratives that leverage the efforts of multiple WDB’s with other Government agencies and CBO/FBO partners.  From the convening Stakeholder and Public Comment sessions

to developing MOU’s and responsive proposals to implementation; CSi-Works supports program intent and operational performance.

Example:  Prison to Employment Initiative – P2Ei & SlingShot 3.0

College Grants and Workforce Programs

CSi-Works designs programs that secure additional resources, attract students and are realistic.  Our team works to integrate business into credit and non-credit programs that support local employers and workforce development trends.  From building a network of engaged employers who are looking to hire (interns) and support curriculum development to developing targeted responsive proposals that reflect faculty and administration ideas.  CSi-Works has experience designing high performing programs, monitoring programs, documenting program performance, working with the Strong Workforce Initiative and can develop the required reporting documents required by grant funded programs.  We also work with all partners to make sure benchmarks are met on time.  Performance Management. We are also doing R&D in the area of Apprenticeship program models in IT and other Industry Sectors.

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