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Community Organization

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

CSi-Works has worked diligently and professionally to support the vision and goals of multiple community and faith based non-profit organizations.   Furthermore, we have been the catalyst for developing significant mutually beneficial strategic partnerships that have advanced our partners causes. 

Our approach is to develop associations that maximize the core competencies of each partner agencies and with the combined organizational capacity support a coordinated effort that adds more resources and improves the quality of community services.  Following the input of our local partners, we develop an organization that reduces competition among community agencies that multiplies the strength of our partners based on their individual geographic and focused program model.   This more effective and efficient program model allows each agency to grow its program through and with the support of the other partners.

Our coordinated approach also presents a more consistent comprehensive model to potential funding sources.  This clarity of mission is easier for the community, partners, and supporters to understand and get behind.  This collaborative approach requires that each partner make the commitment to a common goal, and understand that together they can better serve their community.  Our experience has included building associations with Community and Faith Based non-profit organizations, Adult Schools, Community Colleges, Libraries, Private Companies, and supportive individuals, and City and County Governments.  The program models can be limited to a local targeted group, or large and flexible to grow over time.  With the partners commitment, each program was operationalized to be sustainable.  Examples include:

  • A Multi-Generational approach to preserve and enrich a specific culture – Pacific Islander

  • A Charter School approach to embed music and art into a K-12 curriculum – Covenant Arts Academy

  • Our TechBridge program uses Technology training to enhance Basic Skills education and allows each young person to see how to travel a Pathway to higher education

  • Occupational Skills training as a basis for re-entry populations to address barriers to employment (4-County Regional) Prison to Employment Initiative (P2EI)


Working with each partner, we learn about and make recommendations on ways to improve their program, and how to take advantage of the other partners’ program offerings.  Part of our process includes developing a series of Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s) and working with legal advisors to provide contract templates. We also work with local accountants to develop Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) bookkeeping that is compliant with grants and available to both funding sources and partner agencies.

CSi-Works brings Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to your table that want to learn about your program.  From there, we work to develop a coordinated service model that supports each organization’s mission and allows them to draw on the strengths of the partners.  Our goal is your success, and by helping you enhance your program through securing additional resources you can provide additional effective and efficient services to your community.