Workforce Development

Workforce Development

CSi-Works has extensive successful experience developing and supporting California Community College based Apprentice Programs.  We know how and why a campus-based apprentice program is a “Win-Win” addition to any community college in California.

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CSi-Works can assist and support your administration and faculty by developing and implementing Registered Apprenticeship programs that attract students to your campuses.  We work in a consulting and support capacity of your existing faculty and administration.  Our team provides all the preparation of documents, applications, and assists with the development of proposals supporting apprentice program models.  Within a 12-month cycle, CSi-Works can build on the strengths of your faculty and align with your colleges’ strategic plan to help deliver an apprentice program model.  Another valuable component that we work on is finding business partners who will support an apprenticeship program model. Having strategic business partnerships help colleges’ programs in many ways and are a necessity for apprenticeships.  CSi-Works understands how to develop and nurture these valuable b2b relationships. Our team of Subject Matter Experts helps your staff build capacity by developing a blue print for a sustainable Registered Apprentice Program.  In concert with your faculty and administration, we develop a step by step plan with a solid foundation both on campus and off campus, engage and formalize business partners and coordinate with the Chancellor’s Office and the Division of Apprenticeship Services. 




Value Added Outcomes

Student Enrollment

Non-Credit Apprenticeship (Pilot Program)

College Credit by Design

Employer Engagement & Support

RSI Funding, ETP Funding and CTE Grants

Strong Workforce Program Assistance

College Apprenticeship Program Integration with their local DOL funded WIOA Agency

Industry Recognized Certification

Value Proposition

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