Civic Solutions Initiatives - Works' purpose is to cultivate strong community economic growth by improving cooperation between providers of workforce development services, small business development, governmental agencies, educational institutions, service providers and non-profits to an enhanced level of efficiency for their client services and program reporting. We use our 20+ years of experience to aid our partners with their professional analysis of RFP’s and proposal development.   CSi-Works develops leadership by harnessing the passion and commitment into a professional delivery system with measurable positive outcomes.

Civic Solutions Initiatives – Works is a collaborative effort formed by veteran professionals from the Workforce Development and Business Development service areas and College Administration.  This group of subject matter experts brings their experience, education, and skill sets to our team effort.   As life-long learners with experience in the government sector, K-12 and Higher Education, private business, and with extensive grant experience throughout the United States, we bring to our partners the best of the best in field tested solutions.  Our team helps each organization through solicitations, RFP/RFQ’s and required responses.  We design, develop and assure compliance through the mandated solicitation process. Our experts listen, research, develop, and look at independent and collaborative solutions to help each partner we work with have multiple successful options that will help them reach their goals in an effective and efficient way.

Civic Solutions Initiatives - Works helps agencies and organizations develop effective and efficient programs that are client centered and achieve documented outcomes.  From training staff for infrastructure and compliance through developing front line personnel for maximized service delivery, we help your program exceed projected performance benchmarks. CSi-Works aids organizations by building complete program packages from an idea to reality, to funding and service delivery and outcome documentation into sustainable service models.



  • Veterans Transition Programs = Self-Sufficiency

  • Case Management Training Programs – Field Tested Best Practices

  • Executive Coaching - Administrative Support

  • Recruiting – Engagement – Empowerment – Retention and        Follow-Up Strategies

  • Job Placement Services

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Start-Ups

  • Credit Repair Workshops

  • Apprenticeship Programs

  • Youth Educational and Technology Programs

  • Pathway and Educational Enrichment Programs that serve as linkages and Feeder Programs to College Admission

  • Career Education - Guided Pathways

  • Occupational Skills Training Programs matched to Demand Industry Sectors earning Industry Recognized Credentials

  • Re-Entry Offender Programs = Self-Sufficiency

  • Advocacy Campaigns

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